Our Story


Black correlation is a contemporary clothing brand with its operational headquarters in Canberra, Australia.

Our mission 

Black Correlation is the modern voice for classical elegance in menswear. A market flooded with fashion brands constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends in producing clothes to make quick money. We are passionate about men's fashion and it’s history  we still believe in taking extreme care in our design process and quality of products. Our products are inspired by the elegance of menswear from a 100 years ago with our twist of minimalist designs. With this being said our products have no age and will never go out of style, because we believe that good fashion never goes out of style.

We’re inspired by the free thinkers, the risk takers, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. Our products are crafted to be eye capturing, creating, and daring to disrupt the norm.

Less but better.

All pieces are developed with superior care to quality. Using natural materials and comfort at the forefront of all our designs.